Free Shade Trees!

Do you know a friend or neighbor who would enjoy having more shade and natural beauty in their yard? Woodland homeowners and renters are encouraged to contact Woodland Tree Foundation for a free tree. As the trees mature they can reduce air conditioning bills throughout the summer months. “Winter is an excellent time to plant trees,” according to David Wilkinson. “The rain helps the young trees get established and put on growth in the warmer months ahead.” 

Receiving a shade tree is easy. Foundation staff meet with interested customers to help select the right tree for the right location to maximize benefits. The trees are free and planted at no cost for each customer. Watering instructions are provided. 

“We encourage all Woodland residents to plant a tree and help grow Woodland’s shade coverage as we do our part to cool the city and reduce energy consumption. We all enjoy walking and driving around shady, leafy streets in the City of Trees,” stated Wilkinson. 


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