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Frequently Asked Questions

Originating from a valley oak woodland and augmented by the addition of thousands of other trees subsequently planted by its residents, Woodland adopted the moniker, the “City of Trees.” These trees provide many benefits to the community. The maintenance of our leafy and shady community forest provides a foundation for future planting and tree stewardship.

Trees are an important element in promoting the well-being of the citizens of Woodland. A generous and diverse canopy of trees enhances the scenic beauty of the city and the quality of life for its residents; protects water quality; reduces air pollution; absorbs carbon dioxide, reducing the effects of global warming; provides habitat for birds and mammals; provides cooling shade and reduces energy consumption; enhances public health, and increases property values.

For these reasons it is in the community’s interest to protect and manage Woodland’s tree resources. With this goal in mind, the Woodland Tree Foundation prepared the following “Frequently Asked Questions” about the care of trees, current City tree policies and its tree ordinance, and the critical value of trees in the fight against climate change.

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