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Benefits of Trees

Trees produce benefits for us when we plant and nurture them in our urban environments. When they are properly cared for, trees are a reliable growing investment. A large tree can save Woodland residents over $2,370 in environmental benefits over its lifetime. That’s a 330% return on investment. *

Healthier People

Each year 100 large, mature trees:

  • Remove 100 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Remove 646 pounds of other air pollutants
  • Catch about 55,200 gallons of rainwater

Healthier Communities

Tree filled neighborhoods:

  • Report lower levels of domestic violence
  • Are safer because they are more sociable
  • Are stress relievers
  • Decrease the need for medication and speed up recovery time

Better Business

In tree lined commercial districts, shoppers report:

  • Shopping more frequently
  • Shopping longer
  • They are willing to pay for parking
  • They are willing to spend 12% more for goods

Higher Property Values

Trees increase the resale value of houses:

  • Each large front yard tree adds 1% to the sales price of a house
  • Large trees can add up to 10% of a home’s property value

Energy Savings

One well placed shade tree provides average savings of $17 on home air conditioning costs each year

* Reference: McPherson, E.G., Simpson, J.R., Peper, P.J., Xiao, Q. 2011. Trees pay us back in the Inland Valleys region. Pacific Southwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service
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